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Child Oasis | King Fahd library


Winning the first place of an interior design competition

The child oasis its a is a approximate of a 500 sqm contemporary venue interior design to host the young kids from the age of 4 to 15 years old in the heart of Riyadh City.The concept for designing this project was generated by looking through the eye of a child, how a child thinks & feels. The design focuses on what fascinates children.


The Design upon entry, the play area (The Magnet Zone) is placed to attract children into the library, to induce curiosity & joyfulness.Two Reception desks are provided as the “WATCH TOWERS” of the library. Every space is visible and monitored through the reception desks.



|Reception Area
|Reading Area
|Waiting Area
|Drawing/Art Area
|Play Area
|Computer Zone
|Multi Purpose hall + Stage

All the above mentioned zones are connected through a smooth “RIVER-FLOW” PATHWAY which connects every space in a perfect harmony.


Color Psychology is used to set the mood for different spaces-Blue color: Blue color induces peacefulness, orderly & calming feeling.Hence, used in the Reading Area.Orange color gives a feel of cheerfulness, social&playfulness.Hence,used in the Play Area.Multi-Colored areas like the Drawing/Art Area and the Multi-Purpose hall for bringing a feeling of joy in the library.Different levels and sharp edges where avoided keeping in mind the safety of the children.

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