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We warmly welcome you to meet the driving force behind MSP – our co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Arch. Mansour Alsabaan. A stalwart in architectural design,

Mr. Alsabaan personifies the values of knowledge, innovation, and leadership that we hold dear at MSP .

Mr. Alsabaan embarked on his educational journey at King Saud University, Riyadh, where he acquired a BA degree in Architecture and Building Science. Ever committed to advancing his expertise, he furthered his education in the United States, securing a Master's degree in Sustainable Architecture from Judson University, Chicago. This academic background combines classical architectural values with pioneering sustainable principles, setting the tone for his unique approach to design and construction.

But the journey doesn't end with academics. Mr. Alsabaan has more than a decade's worth of professional experience since 2010, leading architectural projects from conception to completion. His wide-ranging portfolio includes both residential and commercial projects, undertaken in diverse cultural and geographical contexts within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. His adaptive design approach underpins his reputation as a versatile and flexible architect.

As the CEO of MSP, Mr. Alsabaan is not just a design maestro but also a strategic leader. His vision for innovation and commitment to quality is a guiding principle within our organization. Under his leadership, MSP has experienced substantial growth and garnered recognition for its commitment to quality design and execution. His fervor for sustainable architecture resonates in our company ethos, emphasizing our dedication to aesthetically pleasing, functional, and environmentally-responsible design.

With a commitment to architectural excellence, sustainability, and visionary leadership, Mr. Mansour Alsabaan is an integral part of the MSP story. His unwavering dedication to pushing the design envelope while ensuring sustainable practices sets the pace for our organization. Thanks to his guidance, MSP stands tall as a symbol of innovative, sustainable, and trailblazing architectural design.


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