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Introducing a central force behind MSP - our esteemed partner, Engineer Mohammed Alsabaan. As an accomplished engineer with a professionalism certificate in Project Management MSP®, PMP®, PRINCE2®, Eng. Mohammed's expertise is vital to our organization's growth.

Eng. Mohammed has overseen the execution of numerous local and international projects. His ability to manage a diverse range of project scopes is a testament to his versatile leadership and technical skills.

As a partner at MSP , Eng. Mohammed is committed to spearheading upscale, professional projects that meet our clients' highest standards. His leadership, combined with a staunch commitment to client satisfaction, continues to shape the direction and success of MSP.

Eng. Mohammed Alsabaan's leadership and expertise in project management are integral to our organization. His focus on exceeding client expectations and delivering superior quality projects aligns perfectly with MSP ' mission.

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